Who are we? Well, I’m Kelvington. A video editor and Mashup maker. I got my start editing years ago, but until recently hadn’t really dove head first into it.  Thanks to my friend and mentor, Paul Sibbald. He taught me the wonders of Sony Vegas.  I’m now and Avid fan of Avid, and enjoy a little Final Cut Pro… very little.

Since then the two of us have collaborated on several videos, and editing projects, even though we have never met.

Our most recent projects have been very popular, and have been featured in “Doctor Who Magazine” and “SFX” magazine.  These include “Doctor Who Meets Star Wars”, and the mashup episode, “Doctor Who: Trek Through Time”, which combines “Doctor Who” with the original “Star Trek” universe.  Via clever editing, rotoscoping, and new model shots.

When I’m not editing, I’m writing movie and TV reviews for papers and web sites, and even doing a little computer support for a variety of companies and people.

You can contact us by clicking the email link in the title bar of any page.  Plus you can follow me on Twitter, I’m @KELVINGTON

We are not affiliated with the wonderful blog, “Reverse The Polarity Productions” but you can find them here!